About Us

Eastern Construction Safety

Core Values

Committed to maintaining excellence, respect and integrity in all aspects of our operations and professional conduct.


“To provide ethical and professional services to equip our clients with innovative resources to succeed in protecting people, property and the environment”

Problem Solvers

Our highly trained, skilled and motivated staff have a wide variety of backgrounds and expertise allowing us to find the perfect match for your needs.

Client Support

We have military experience, trade experience, project management training, safety training skills, and various technical certifications to support you as leaders in the construction safety industry.

About Us

  Eastern Construction Safety was formed in 2005 as a safety services provider for Eastern Canada based construction companies. More than 10 years later, Eastern Construction Safety has grown to be one of the largest privately held professional safety service companies in Eastern Canada. Our services have evolved to now address most aspects of safety for all sizes of customers in multiple industries. Whether you need safety consulting assistance, project safety professionals, safety training, a corporate safety appraisal, incident investigations, or On Demand Staffing, we have the experience and resources to assist you and your team.
Our in-house staff members have a wide variety of backgrounds and experience, which enables us to meet a wide variety of needs. Our technical certifications include:
  • Canadian Registered Safety Professional
  • Certified Health & safety Consultant
  • Canadian Gold Seal Certificate
  • UNB Occupational Health and Safety
  • University of Fredericton Health and Safety Certificate
  • NBCSA Construction Safety Supervisor
  • NSCSA Construction Safety Supervisor
  • St. John Ambulance Instructors
In addition, members of our staff have extensive military training, trade experience, project management, safety training skills, and train the trainer certification.
The ECS team helped ensure our company had a five-star safety program project, which helped ensure nobody was injured and our success with our client.